How to lower fuel consumption

To do list to be greener

Use a car that produces low emissions and low energy consumption.*

Buy tyres marked as energy-efficient.*

Check the tyre pressure regularly (low tyre pressure increases the energy consumption and CO2 emissions).

Avoid carrying unnecessary luggage (weight increases energy consumption and CO2 emissions).*

Do not use the roof box or roof rack unless needed. They impact the aerodynamics and increases the energy consumption and CO2 emissions.*

Take part in an eco-driving course to improve your driving style.

Car-pooling. Green Driving estimates what is the impact, in terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, of adding passengers, as well as doing a detour to pick them up.*

Public transport, cycling, and walking are other eco-friendly options.

* these are the aspects where the Green Driving tool can help you assess the impact of your choices

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