Advantages of using the Tool

You should use Green Driving if…

You want to lower your fuel consumption (Click to see how):
we don’t mind on why you want to do it, as long as you do it!

Keep in check your fuel expenses (Click to see how) and see if you can save fuel.

You like to be on the fastest and most fuel-efficient route when you drive.

You fancy to buy a new car: Green Driving is the perfect tool to compare fuel consumption of different cars.

6 good reasons for monitoring fuel consumption with Green Driving

  • Keep an eye on your car expenses

  • Calculate your annual fuel consumption

  • Verify if the fuel consumption techniques that you have implemented are effective

  • Check fuel efficiency between different tire types

  • Reduce fuel theft in refills

  • Be part of the European Commission monitoring effort on CO2 emissions from vehicles

6 good reasons for recording the routes

  • Monitor your driving behavior… how well do you know your driving habits?

  • Discover what is the impact of your driving style on Co2 emissions.
    Are more people driving the same car? With GDT you can compare the performances!

  • Keep track of your car movements

  • Compare your actual vs estimates routes

  • Decide on your future car by comparing routes with your current vehicle

  • Become an Premium user (Click to see how)

But why not monitoring both fuel consumption and recording your routes?

The advantages are double!